Moving Dinosaur robot built during a coding camp for kids.

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The Riva Advantage

  • With Riva, children learn the art of analysing problems deeply, breaking them into smaller parts and creatively applying past experience to solve them - we call it computational thinking. 

  • Our lead teacher has spent over 15 years solving hard problems for the most successful tech companies such as Amazon, IBM and Google. 


  • Every session guarantees to be fun and engaging because students work on real-life projects, developing at their own pace but also learning through healthy competition and collaboration.

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Real Life Projects

Learn from the Best

Focus on Compuational Thinking

Learning through Collaboration

R, age 11

One of the best things I learned this week, 'NEVER GIVE UP'. I kept getting better and better at it all through the course.

F, age 8

I loved it. The teacher was very patient and willing to help but made sure you tried to figure things out on your own.

E, age 10

It's just too much fun. So much better than school!

M, age 8

I enjoyed this camp so much. I really want to come again. Wish it wasn't over.

some of our schools

We work with many schools to run computing afterschool clubs and in-curriculum computing courses. If you'd like to initiate creative computing at your child's school, do get in touch here. We are passionate about creating the next generation of inventors and creators.


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