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Coding is just too much fun, so much better than school 

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How Online Coding for Kids & Teens Works

Choose a class or camp

Browse our coding classes camps for kids and teens to find what best suits your child's needs, based on their age and experience. 

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Set-up for your class

You’ll need a laptop or desktop, with a microphone, speaker and camera (not an iPad!). Oh, and your enthusiasm to solve big problems and take on the world!

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Join your live, online class

You will receive a link to join your live, online coding for kids session on Zoom. Meet your highly experienced teacher, and enjoy learning in a small group of 4-6 students.

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Why should you choose Riva?

Learn from the best. No really!

Coding for kids and teens is what we live and breathe. We have teachers from Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and other top global universities. They have worked in top companies such as Google, Amazon and even modern day EdTech giants such as Mangahigh. Some teach computer science in the best computing secondary schools in the UK.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think

Margaret Mead


Get Ongoing 1-1 expert support

We want to make you the best you can be and, so, if you ever need help - whether you are simply stuck on a problem, or need us to go over a concept or for university advice - we are here for you. Lifelong.

Have fun, be creative. 

We'll take care of learning

Our younger students (8-12 years) learn how to code in Scratch by picking their own coding projects and we introduce concepts through these projects. This style encourages creativity, fun and higher engagement. Our creative coding courses are designed to maximise learning through such fun, coding projects that a child owns.

I enjoy getting to know each child as a unique individual, finding out what excites them and helping them build their confidence

Gobind Bansal, Founder and Lead Teacher

Inspiring, real-life projects

Our teen students, solve real-life problems that they can directly relate to. Sometimes these are good old games, other times they might be more topical like a live COVID Dashboard or a mini-twitter. Real-life projects are just one way to inspire children in our 'coding for teens' courses. 

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