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BOOK A place on our spring term PYTHON Courses

BOOK A place on our spring term PYTHON Courses

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R, age 14

One of the best camps ever! It was amazing and I recommend it to everyone. I learned more in a week than I did at school all this year.

F, age 10

I loved it. The teacher was very patient and willing to help but made sure you tried to figure things out on your own.

E, age 13

Fun redefined!

M, age 8

I enjoyed this camp so much. I really want to come again. Wish it wasn't over.

BOOK A place on our spring term PYTHON Courses

our top 3 reasons why coding is important

We have written many articles on this subject and could have easily written a book about it, but here are our top three reasons. 


Learning how to code helps children develop essential problem-solving skills - analysing a problem, breaking it into smaller parts and solving each part by creatively applying past experience. That’s what computational thinking is all about anyway.


Coding encourages creativity in many ways. First of all, coding is fundamentally a creative activity where you create ‘digital things’ such as stories, graphics, games, music and animations. Secondly, the flexibility in the many ways of approaching and solving a problem also encourages creativity


Coding prepares you for the future. “85% of jobs only 10 years from now haven’t been invented yet (report by Institute for the Future)”, which means we have to be constantly learning new skills. While coding itself is soon becoming a core skill just like maths and literacty, it also teaches you how to self-learn and become an independent learner, an ever more important skill for the future.

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BOOK A place on our spring term PYTHON Courses

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weekly coding classes

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Scratch Coding for Kids

4.9 87 reviews

Scratch is the most fun and easiest way to learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, reason systematically, and develop computational thinking. With Scratch, kids can share interactive media they develop such as games, animations, music and stories with people from all over and learn and get inspired by others at the same time. It's the perfect place to start, so let the story begin...

Very Limited Spaces


  • 8 - 12 years

  • 6 students per teacher

  • Weekly Classes

  • Jan 11 - Mar 26

  • £249

BOOK A place on our spring term PYTHON Courses


  • 11- 17 years

  • 6 students per teacher

  • Weekly Classes

  • Jan 11 - Mar 26

  • £249

Python Coding for Teens & Pre-teens

4.8 54 reviews

Come discover the magic of coding in this fun and engaging beginner's course. Python is probably the easiest text-based language when starting out, yet very powerful. Oh, and did we tell you that Instagram, YouTube and Netflix were all built using Python! This course will lay a strong foundation for your computing journey - to build your own apps, games and websites or to explore robotics or simply to have meaningful discussions with your tech friends.

Very Limited Spaces