Choosing the perfect tech club: the 3 best coding courses for kids 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Updated: Mar 6

It's the start of the new year, and we know that parents are all busy looking for spring term classes and half-term activities ideas (already!).

It's an opportunity for them to learn new skills - skills that they traditionally do not pick up at school.

Why not think about some new activities this time around, instead of the more popular ones. After all, 85% of jobs in 2030 – only 10 years from now - haven’t been invented yet according to research by Institute for the Future authored by a panel of 20 tech, business and academic experts.

Technology is all around us, and our children should understand how these everyday systems work to be able to positively influence these systems. Tech will help them develop logical thinking and, perhaps, even inspire them to solve real-life problems themselves.

The foundation of this tech learning is coding and robotics: here are our top 3 coding classes for kids.

Scratch - introduction to coding in a fun way!

Scratch is an educational coding platform developed by MIT and used by millions of kids and teachers worldwide. It allows you to create games, animations, music and stories, the perfect platform for younger kids.

Learn Scratch to

  • Solve problems in a structured way

  • Develop logical thinking and

  • Think creatively

Python - ideal for secondary school children!

Python is a powerful, text-based programming language, yet easy to learn - just perfect for advanced “Scratchers” or senior school kids. With Python, you can build apps, games and websites and start exploring robotics. (Did you know that Youtube, Instagram and Netflix were all built using Python!?).

Your child will learn

  • Fundamentals of computing programming

  • Design and develop modular software

  • Develop critical reasoning

  • Confidence to solve real-life problems using technology

Robotics - perfect mix between coding and design!

Robotics brings together creativity, coding, design thinking, critical reasoning and empathy to solve real-life problems. Whether it’s building a spice rack for blind people, or a personal automatic smart night lamp, it’s the logical next step from simply coding - but still easy for kids.

Tech-loving kids will

  • Be able to explain steps to achieve project goals

  • Develop design thinking and critical reasoning

  • Learn how to solve real-life problems with coding toys

  • Learn how coding manifests itself in the physical world

What makes Riva Learning different from the competitors?

Our company is child-focused, our aim is to teach every child the art of analysing problems deeply and applying past experience with creativity in order to solve real-life problems. Each of our courses is designed to encourage design thinking, critical reasoning and creativity.

Check out our STEM club ideas on our website to find the best coding courses for kids in London.