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Fun and creative, online coding camps for 8 - 17 year olds

Summer Break

How It Works

Find a suitable camp, based on your child’s age & experience with coding. Camps are 3 hours long for 5 days, taught online by our exceptional teachers.

2. Book Trial Day for £25

Pick the week and time that works best for you, and book the trial online at a discounted rate.


You child trials our Monday session that week.

3. Continue, if you enjoy

We are confident your child will learns loads and have fun. If they do, you pay for the rest of the week and continue the camp.

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Why choose Riva Learning

Learn from the best.
No, really!

We have teachers from Oxbridge, MIT and other top global universities. They have worked in top companies such as Google, Amazon and even modern day EdTech giants such as Mangahigh. Some even teach computer science in the best computing secondary schools in the UK

Have fun, be creative. 

We'll take care of learning

Our younger students (8-12 years) pick pick their own projects and we introduce concepts through their own projects. This style encourages creative, more fun and higher engagement

Ongoing 1-1 expert support

We want to make you the best you can be and, so, if you ever need help - whether you are simply stuck on a problem, or need us to go over a concept or for university advice - we are here for you. Lifelong.

Inspiring, real-life projects

Our teen students, solve real-life problems that they can directly relate to. Sometimes these are good old games, other times they might be more topical like a live COVID Dashboard

Choose the right camp

Introducing coding using Scratch

Ages: 8 - 12 years

Choose this course if your child is completely new to the world of computing, or has just started experimenting with Scratch, for e.g has done a term of coding in school or built a basic game on their own.

Intermediate coding using Scratch

Ages: 8 - 12 years

Choose this course if your child has completed ‘Introducing Scratch’ with us, or has now been building games and animations using Scratch confidently, for e.g. has done more than a year. of Scratch coding at school, or developed multiple complex games, stories using Scratch.

Introducing coding using Python

Ages: 11 - 17 years

Choose this course if your child is new to Python or has done a few hours of Python before. Or, they have a good understanding of block-based platforms like Scratch, and would like to start exploring text-based programming languages.

Intermediate Python coding for teens

Ages: 11 - 17 years

Choose this course, if your child is confidently using strings and if statements in Python.


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Requirements & Setup

We will send you an email before the camp with simple setup instructions, but here's a gist anyway.


Of course, we can even help you set up if you need it.​

  • A laptop or desktop computer with an active internet connection. iPads or tablets won't work.

  • A microphone and speakers. Ideally, you should also have a camera - a webcam or an inbuilt camera in your laptop) for video calling, although this is not necessary.

  • If you are on the Python course, you will need to install Python on your computer, so you need the permissions to install software on your computer.


Frequently asked questions

Scratch FAQ's

Q: What are the pre-requisites for the course?

Well, as long as your child is at least 8 years old and curious, she/he will most likely thoroughly enjoy learning Scratch.

Q: Where can I find out more about Scratch itself?

Scratch is designed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. The MIT Scratch website here has a lot of information and resources about Scratch. There's also a page for parents.

Python FAQ's

Q: I get coding. What is Python?

Python is a text based programming language that is widely used today in the most successful tech companies such as Google, Netflix and Facebook. In fact, YouTube and Instagram have been written in Python. ​​ While there are many other programming languages such as Java, C and C++, Python is probably the easiest to pick up and yet among the most powerful.

Q: What are the pre-requisites for the Python course?

Not much, apart from being curious. And oh, did we tell you that you really don't have to be a genius to learn how to code. Especially in Python.

Q: I already know C/C++/Java. Is the Python course relevant for me?

Absolutely. You will learn how to code in Python and appreciate how powerful it is. It's a great tool to have in your arsenal. Having said that, if you are already a Java/C/C++ expert, then you should really join our highly-tailored weekly Python classes, instead of our camps.

Q: Do I need to know Scratch? I already know Scratch

Scratch is not a requirement, but if you already know Scratch, you will absolutely love Python and its power. A text based programming language such as Python is the logical next step from Scratch.

Q: Should I rather start with Scratch?

Different students have different learning styles. Scratch is a visual programming language designed to teach kids how to code, so it might be more suitable for you. Once you have learned Scratch, you can always move on to Python, which is used more widely and not just as an educational tool. Of course, if you are already 13 years old, you might want to start with Python directly.

General FAQ's

I want to know more. How can I get in touch?

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to call us at +44-75398-90926 or email us at learn@rivalearning.com or simply leave a message here.

There's Scratch, there's Python, Java, Web development, Robotics, Mobile App Development and a myriad of other coding courses out there? How do I choose where my child should start?

Scratch has been designed (at MIT) to teach kids how to code in a fun and interactive way. If your child is just about starting on his/her computing journey, or is a visual learner or if you are in doubt, Scratch is the perfect place to start. Once your child learns Scratch, a text based programming language such as Python is a natural (and great) next step. Of course, you can directly jump to Python if you are already the right age.

How many students would you have in each class?

We aim for 5-6 students per teacher to maximise learning through collaboration with peers and personal attention from the teacher.

Do you have a Java course? ​

Not yet and at the moment, it's not in the works either. That's not to say Java is not fun. Python, in our opinion, is superior in many ways, more current, easier-to-learn and our language of choice.

How do remote sessions work?

There will be a dedicated teacher for each session, teaching you live, with no more than 5 other students. The sessions are delivered via video conferencing, where all of you can share your screen and video at the same time. That makes it feel more like a classroom than a distant phone call.