Draw a simple pattern

Scratch Beginners


In this activity, you will learn how to draw simple patterns on Scratch using the Pen module. Here's what I did. What will you create?

Draw a simple pattern.png

Step 1: Pen Extension

You will need the Pen extension to draw using Scratch. Essentially, the way this extension works is that whenever the pen is down, your sprite can draw just by moving around the stage, which becomes your drawing canvas. Let's start by adding the Pen extension if you don't already have it. It's just two clicks as shown below.

Add Pen Extension.png

Step 2: Draw a square

Well, a square is simple to draw, put the pen down. It's 4 lines and each angle  is a right angle. Try out the following code.

Scratch Square.png

Top Tip: Always have an easy way to bring everything back, so you can try again.

Scratch Pen reset.png

Step 3: Try other shapes

Now, it's time to play with the repeat values and the angles, how much to turn after drawing each line. For instance, a triangle will be 3 repetitions and 120 degrees each time instead of 90 degrees. Try the following and see what happens.


What shapes and patterns will you draw?


Can you draw a circle?

Experiment with different colours

Advanced: Try to draw a star in many different places on the canvas

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